Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comission for Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

 Recently I  finished  this mural for a local Ethiopian Restaurant. Its nice to work with flesh tones to achieve a more realistic modeled aesthetic as opposed to the 2 - dimensional style i normally work in. This project was very interesting in that i basically got to hang out with an Ethiopian family off and on for several weeks painting, drinking cheap cans of beer and learning about their culture through spirited conversation, storytelling,  and delicious food.   I've been told that the term Habesha means "Land Of Fire" but also refers  in general to a large percentage of people who are indigenous to Ethiopia.

New Paintings

Part of an ongoing series  I've been working on a while now.  All feather and letter designs are freehanded using 1shot sign painters enamel on wood.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A cold night in Amsterdam.

Colored pencil on paper, 2013.

Drawings from Tahiti

A few drawings  from my trip to Tahiti last month done with colored pencil and gouache on paper. Would have loved to do some  larger  painted works while i was there but shipping that stuff back to the states was out of the question, plus I would'nt have had as much time to  float in the ocean, eat coconuts, and take in the immense beauty of the island!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mexico City

A few more photos  I neglected to post  earlier.  Most of these flicks  are of the  initial works we did in the eastern part of the city. The first  mural was for Cauce Ciudadano, a non- profit organization  dedicated to providing artistic mentorship to kids coming from unstable backgrounds. After we finished the  mural for Cauce,  we loved the neighborhood and its community so much we ended up hanging out and painting for another several days making small talk with the locals and indulging in the overabundance of cheap tacos.  Mexico city is a place rich in texture and color and this area really epitomized  the environments and aesthetics we find inspiring.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mexico City

Painted this one with my good friend ou34 on a recent trip to Mexico City. In two weeks we painted a handful of walls with this one being the largest. Had an amazing and  most inspiring journey in that gigantic, wonderfully colorful and dirty city. I'm already trying to figure out how i can get back down there sooner than later!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

European Sojourn.

Photographs from my travels in the Netherlands, Belgium,  France, England and Scotland,  spring 2013.